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Four Basic Beliefs of the Highest Being

highest-selfBecause our thoughts, principles and beliefs have the power to influence or affect our reality, it produces vibrations of energy that attract specific people, things and events into our lives. The kind of people or things that we attract will resonate directly with the kind of vibrations that we generate. For example, harboring negative thoughts will directly result in negative vibrations while choosing optimistic beliefs generally leads to positive vibrations. This is why in whatever we need to accomplish, whatever events we want to take place and whatever favorable achievements we want to get, it’s important that we only entertain thoughts that will lead towards our set goals. This will not only take one step closer towards what we want, it also helps us to become the highest version of our self.

In the last post, we discussed how the beliefs we choose can influence all choices we make every day. Sometimes, we even choose a belief subconsciously without us even knowing it. However, if we are able to become the highest versions of ourselves, we will be able to recognize this ability and apply it the right beliefs to achieve favorable results to better our lives. And though we have our own beliefs which define our beings, there are four basic beliefs which determine the relationship between a highest being and the universe:

The Consciousness Created Everything in the Universe

This is one of the most recent and most controversial theories on how the universe was made. Studies show that consciousness has existed way before anything or everything in the universe ever did, that consciousness was there even before evolution took place!

Many scientists have claimed that the big bang could be just one of millions of other events which took place. This is based on the fact that even if our universe is vast and massive, it is but a speck as there are millions of other objects and universes in outer space. A part of this theory even contends that the universe was created by consciousness. And if we will believe this then it would explain why our thoughts, views, and beliefs are so powerful that they can connect to every component of the universe.

These may be mere theories meaning they have not been proven yet but it we decide to believe in them we open our minds to such thoughts then we open our minds to a whole new world of possibilities. Believing in the power of the consciousness to create the universe gives us the confidence to take on even the most trying challenges we face in life, knowing that we have the tools to triumph over them. If we hold on to this belief, greatness has no boundaries.


We Are In Constant Communication the Universe

Being a part of the universe, we are always connected to all the components of the universe. We are one with everything in the universe and we can access knowledge and power anytime we want.

Our Consciousness Produces Vibrations of Energy

The energy created by our consciousness act as our messages to the universe and the components of the universe respond to it accordingly. The success of reaching the different potentials and opportunities presented by the universe to us depends on the type of energy we produce. Once we learn to fully control the vibrations of energy we emit, we will be able to take charge of what happens in our lives.

Perfection is Reality And We can Achieve It

Nothing is impossible for us if we live our lives believing it. Our being was designed to reach perfection and if we learn to control each part of our being, we can easily accomplish this. Only when we think that we cannot do something will it actually become a reality for us. Believe that the universe provides us with unlimited potential and you will be able to achieve all of them. The beliefs we have will define what we become.

These four basic beliefs of the highest being are very powerful beliefs. If you want to pattern your life to these beliefs you can do so by imprinting them into your life through repetition. Take time to reflect and hold these beliefs within yourself. By opening your minds towards the idea of becoming an individual who have absolute control over his future, his mind and his soul, and believing that you can, in fact, become a highest being using your conscious and subconscious mind, you will become one.

 By: Jeffrey Slayter

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