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Achieving Your Divine Design

man-thinkingEach one of us are drawn to material things, a big house, a high-paying job, perhaps, a new car and enough funds to last us a lifetime living in comfort. Most of us dedicated years of our lives finishing school to get a degree, find a great job and create a little nest egg for our future family. But when we do achieve all these, when we finally have the house, the car and the high-paying job, are we ever truly satisfied? Will it bring the kind of contentment we always look for? They say it’s lonely on the top but is it really?

Looking into the lives of the rich and famous, we know of certain personalities who, despite having it all, seem to not find the contentment they so seek while they are still alive. A good example is Princess Diana. From a shy, virginal princess loved by millions to a fashion icon and philanthropist, Princess Diana is just as famous for her charity work as her often-tumultuous search for love. Instead of a life like fairytale, her own fame led to her death. Another great example is the recently deceased Glee star, Cory Monteith. A promising young man who’s fast becoming one of Hollywood’s most adored stars, he was found dead of a heroin overdose in a motel. These are just two of the many people that despite having it all, a flourishing career, being married to a price, finding fame, seems unable to find the peace they wanted within themselves.

If there’s one thing we should understand, it’s that we were built following specific designs which are unique to every human being. Whenever we picture ourselves living better and more prosperous lives, we catch a glimpse of our divine design. The divine design is the pattern of your life which was assigned to you by the divine power and may be lived by you alone.


It is important to realize that not all our wants can really make us happy and content. More often than not, we even long for things which are not meant for us to have by divine design. When this happens, it almost always ends in dissatisfaction and sadness. In order to get a better grasp of what you divine design is, take some time to reflect and ask for divine intervention. Having faith in this divine power will help you understand and see much clearer what your divine design actually is. Once you see what it is, learn to accept it even if it wasn’t exactly what you were hoping for. Be open to the possibility that following this divine pattern may eventually lead you to the peak of your happiness.

Aside from your divine design, it is also important to determine what your divine right is. There are some things in this world which is meant for us to have. On the other hand, we should also accept that there are some things that were not meant to be ours.

For example, a man may want to run for a position in public office because he genuinely wants to help the people. He does his best during the campaign period, promoting his cause, and participating well in public debates. The fact is, if the divine right of this man was not designed for him to get the position he was running for, it doesn’t matter how hard he tries to get it. There’s nothing he can do to achieve it. It would be much better for this man to pray and reflect so he can come up with better ways to help his countrymen.

In the same manner, it is also against the divine right for an ill-thinking vice president of a country’s government who has been praying intensely for the incumbent president to vacate his position no matter what the reason. If for example the president died, by law, the vice president will be the head of the state. Eventually, his constituents are not satisfied with the way the new president runs things and files for his impeachment. This is a perfect manifestation of karma for a want which was not in accordance to the divine design.

We should realize that there are some things in this world which are meant for us to possess and achieve. Take some time to think if what you are longing for is your divine right. Ask for the assistance of the divine power to reveal which wants are meant for you and which ones are not.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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