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Achieving True Success: Growth in All Aspects by Certified Life Coach, Jeffrey Slayter

successallaspectsWe all have our own goals. We spend the majority of our lives devising different ways to achieve them. On each of our journeys, sacrifices will have to be made and certain compromises would have to be done. But that won’t matter to us, as long as we reach the destination that we’re headed to. What we don’t realize is that along the way, if we aren’t careful, we unconsciously lose vital aspects of ourselves. In our efforts to achieve the level of personal or professional success that we are aiming for, we forget to also consider our spiritual growth.

No success would be the same if you lose yourself in the process. So during our individual journeys, we should all continue to remind ourselves of a few things:

Love yourself. No matter the failed attempts you may have or the shortcomings that you might observe, never ever think yourself to be inferior. Don’t accept the excuse that you deserve the bad things that happen to you, because you don’t. While you’re on your way to achieve whatever it is that you’ve set your mind to do, always remember that you should consider yourself and what’s good for you. Never put yourself at risk of getting hurt (both physically and emotionally) or taken advantage of while in pursuit of your goals. No level of success is worth degrading yourself over, always remember that.


Be considerate of others. Sometimes, we are so driven and determined to reach our goals that we are no longer aware that we’re stepping on other people to get there. Think about it for a second; is it really worth it to hurt and betray other people in exchange of becoming successful? Yeah sure, you become this ultra-successful person at some point in your life, but while you’re at the top you begin to notice that no one else is standing up there with you. That’s because you’ve pushed them all down during your climb. Any form of success wouldn’t feel as gratifying and fulfilling if you had to use certain people to achieve it.

Learn to be contented. When people get a taste of victory, the tendency is that we crave for more. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. It can be beneficial for us if we use it as a motivational tool. When we use it to strive harder and to broaden our horizons, then it’s a good thing. But sometimes, we start to develop a type of bloodlust – a seemingly insatiable thirst for success. When it becomes like this, it is no longer healthy. We tend to become irrational and a bit reckless in the decisions we make. This would increase our probability of hurting those around us and even ourselves.

No matter the magnitude of our desires, we should never lose ourselves while in the process of fulfilling them.  What is success if you become a completely different person after? If there are to be changes that would happen within you, let those be positive changes; love more, give more and all in all be a better version of yourself. That, alone, is already a huge success worth celebrating.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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