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Achieving Happiness by Getting the Life You Want

happines7In most cases, people believe that outside factors have an effect on the life they live. In reality, the state of a person’s life is solely dependent on the his personal choices and the actions he makes.

 You are at a certain point in your life because you chose the kind of life you live today. Every choice, action, thought, and beliefs you had in the past brought you to your present. This means that if you want to have a different future, then you need to make different choices and actions altogether to get there.

 Several studies have proven that man’s actions play a big role on the kind of life he has. In the past, an action was defined as something that produces a specific result or consequence.

 However, it should be noted that inaction can also be considered an action as it will produce a certain result or consequence if a person chooses to not do anything.

 Sometimes, inaction on the part of a person can even produce a huge impact in the end. For example, if a person sees someone is about to stab another person and he does not do anything to stop it, his inaction will lead to the death of that victim.

 A person’s core values form the essential actions that define the kind of life a person will have. This is why it is important for a person to choose the right virtues to follow as these will determine what makes you feel good about yourself, the people around you, and life itself. Every time you stray away from the virtues that you embraced, set yourself up to disappointment and this increases the likelihood of being discontent later in life.


 Every Action Must Result in Happiness

 One of the greatest philosophers to have ever lived is Aristotle. He established a philosophical principle stating that the main purpose of man’s every action is to achieve his personal happiness. Every human being has this same way of thinking and every action a person makes is a step that takes him closer to the happiness that he dreams of.

 Aristotle added that even though we all seek happiness, only those who do good can be truly happy and those who do virtuous acts can be the only ones who are good. This means that we should choose and embrace values that are beneficial not only for ourselves but for everyone around us. Our actions must be for the good of everyone living and must not cause harm to others.

 During the ancient times, education was meant to establish a foundation of the core values of children. Schools focused solely on teaching the virtues that the young should have while homes provided learning of their respective religions. Various literary works were of the past that told about virtuous people were shared to the children as a guide for the achievement of a happy life. On the other hand, people who do not have any education of what values are can still develop their own virtues by choosing the kind of person they want to be.

 We all have the right to choose what kind of lives we want to have. Our future depends on whatever choices or actions we make today and if we reach a certain point where we are not happy about our present, we can make new decisions for a better future.

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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