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Achieving a Different Level of Success Through Creative Thinking

Achieving-a-Different-Level-of-Success-Through-Creative-ThinkingLeonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison; these are only a few of history’s great creative minds. At some point in our lives we have yearned and dreamed to become just like these men; to make it to the annals of history and to have a contribution to mankind via some spark of our genius.

But, only a selected few have actually made this dream their reality. Only a minute percentage of our entire population has achieved this level of success. So what do these people have or know that allowed them to attain such creative and intellectual accomplishments? Are we also capable of achieving such?

Well, the good news is, we all possess the fundamental traits and qualities to become creative thinkers. But the problem is most if not all of us live our lives without even tapping into this pool of inner potential. So, does that mean then that everything is too late? Do we lose our chance of achieving greatness, success and creative ascension? No. Actually we don’t.

It is never too late for us to live out the dream and to achieve the level of creative thinking needed to achieve the goals that we’ve always wanted. What we need to do is to start honing and strengthening the traits and qualities that would aid our goal. Once we do so, we would become better equipped to handle the various obstacles in life in a manner that’s creative, strategic and practical at the same time.


So, the following are two of the key traits and qualities you need to further strengthen and enhance in order to become a more creative thinker:


All those inventors and geniuses weren’t able to come up with their inventions and vaccines from living a passive life. The secret to their success was that they continually asked questions. Whenever they encounter something new, strange and unknown to them, they always make it a point to ask questions. Being curious is a good thing because it means that your brain is continually at work. So if you encounter things and situations, regardless if they are new to you or not, you will always have some fresh perspective.


Being open-minded is important for one to be able to achieve the level of intellectual and creative transcendence that is desired. It is an established fact that nothing in our lives is constant save for change. Majority of us try and resist the changes that happen in our lives because of our fear of the unknown. But the creative and intellectual minds welcome change with open arms. They ride with the tides, and in turn they are able to generate more positivity and success.

It all sounds so simple now that it’s laid out in black and white. But don’t be fooled. Living life with a curious and open mind may take a lot of getting used to. But with the right amount of self-discipline, determination and practice, it is definitely possible. So, what are you still waiting for? Tap in to your creative side!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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