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Accepting Change Equals a Happier Life

Accepting-Change-Equals-a-Happier-Life-1-1As kids we were taught, often times subtly, that nothing in life is permanent. We outgrow our clothes, we move to a different house and we continually meet new people. As they say, nothing in this life is constant, only change. But even with that constant reminder, a lot of us still find it hard to come to terms with this. We have a difficulty detaching ourselves to certain aspects in our lives. Usually, these aspects that we dearly hold on to are the ones that are more subject to change, as most things in life generally are. Because of our unwillingness to accept this, we end up becoming miserable with our lives.

Understanding and accepting that nothing in life is permanent is one of the keys to attaining happiness. If you come to terms with this fact, then you would be better prepared to face life head on. No matter how hard we try to keep things the way they are, circumstances always have a way of shifting. People around you leave, jobs are lost and relationships end. It’s all part of life. It comes with a certain amount of hurt, but not as much as the pain we get to feel when we refuse to let these things go.

We shouldn’t associate change with hurt and pain. It’s not always intended to hurt you, you know. We fail to see that most times, change is even for the better. It allows us to grow and discover new things. It also gives us the opportunity to make the certain kinds of choices that we want in life. Just imagine your life if everything was constant. You are forever stuck with a seemingly perfect permanence; same set of friends, same job and same everyday routine – for the rest of your life. Sure, it sounds like a safe and secure life. But what about growth? What about your happiness? What if at some point in your life you realize that you’re passionate about something else, like art? But because of the template you made for your life, you can’t pursue the new desires you might have. There is no room for any form of change whatsoever. If that’s the case, can you even call it living or merely existing?


Change is the very essence of experiencing life. It’s one of the most beautiful things about it. We are given the opportunity for endless personal growth. It’s never a dead end because there are always windows for us to open. We just need to change our perspective of impermanence. We shouldn’t automatically brand it as a bad thing because that’s not always the case. Generally, it all boils down to one’s perspective. If you keep a positive outlook in life, it doesn’t matter if things take a 360 degree turn, you would still be able to make the most out of it. But if you keep a close mind and perspective, then any form of change that you’ll encounter in life, no matter how small, will appear as an attack to you.

Who would want to live a life in constant pain and regret over things that they can’t control. Instead of focusing our energy and time on these things, let’s focus instead on the positive. Acceptance of change coupled with a positive perspective is the formula to a happy and fruitful life.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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