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A Simplified Definition of the Universe

A-Simplified-Definition-of-the-Universe-1-1In 1905, a report by physicist, Albert Einstein was published. This report, which would later go on to become his legacy, introduced the world to the equation E=MC2.

E represents energy, M is for Matter, and C2 is for the speed of light. This equation states that energy and matter are interchangeable. Energy can change into matter, and matter can change into energy. Einstein’s theory suggests an alternative to the conventional description of where chemical energy comes from. This equation also introduced a possible new source of energy, nuclear power.

The theory of relativity dictates that there is no way to create or destroy energy. Since the beginning of time, energy has already existed and its existence will never cease. Because of this principle, our understanding that time has a beginning and an end is all but an illusion. Taking this into consideration, it clearly means that any theories about how the universe was formed does not equally define the birth of energy. Instead, these theories only refer to specific manifestations of energy.

Experts have pinpointed the formation of the universe to a moment they call the Singularity. In the state of Singularity, there is no sense of time and motion. Because there is no time, then the sense of before and after did not exist and every moment was considered the “now”. This means that the state of singularity is happening at the present.

If there is no way to create or destroy energy, it follows that all the energy that exists in the universe is part of the singularity in the “now”. The laws of modern physics state that time can only exist if there is space. In the same manner, space can only exist if there is time. Since the state of singularity is timeless, this suggests that space does not exist in this state as well. If there is a lack of space and time, individuation will not happen so energy will always be a part of singularity. The biggest truth about the universe is that they are one and nothing can break them apart.


However, the world we live in shows that individuation exists. Two people are able to communicate with each other even if they are made of the same energy that is supposed to be inseparable. This can be best explained by using the metaphor of a video game. The same hardware makes all the characters move. However, the space between each character is merely an illusion and their interaction with each other is actually a manifestation of the various possibilities that have been pre-determined by the programmers.

The progression of time is what allows interaction among us to happen. For the video games, pre-determined actions of the characters and the results of these actions are stored in the disc. As for the real world, all the pre-determined actions of man and the results of his actions are found in the state of singularity.

It may seem that man no longer has control of his life because it has already been planned in the singularity. However, this is not the case. All possibilities are presented in the universe within specific moments. Whenever we pick a specific possibility, the choices we make are manifested in the real world through our lives.

Every person makes good and bad choices. However, if we gain better understanding about the universe then we will be able to see that each human being is a part of the singularity, we will see that the way we treat others will also be the same as how we treat ourselves. Once we realize this, each of us will certainly make it a point to do the right thing and the world will be a much better place to live in.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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