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A New Beginning

mantraThose of you who have religiously followed and practiced the techniques these series of articles discussed know that we are designed to achieve our higher sense of self. We have learned how our consciousness is capable for molding the world we live in. We understand that the evolution of human beings is still taking place at this very moment although this time; more people know they have the ability to make things happen with the help of the energy they produce. Each one of us must to realize that the mind, the body and the soul, when used together, give us the power to control our destinies, reach our fullest potential and lead us to the better versions of ourselves. Our thoughts, our beliefs and our principles, all these elements mold our being and determine our fate.

To lead a life full of contentment as well as to spread positivity all around, we need to start with conditioning the mind to generate positive vibrations of energy. Through our thoughts and our words, our temperament and our views, not only can we influence others to achieve a shared goal, we can all do great things if we so desire.

On the other hand, if we remain stuck dwelling on the negative, we shut ourselves from opportunities that may change our lives forever. This will leave us feeling sad, depressed, and go through an overwhelming feeling of hopelessness.

We need to accept the fact that everything that happens in this world is dependent on the things we do. We have to make a conscious effort to produce positive vibrations of energy which will attract productive events. We need to have a collective belief that a better future is possible for all of us.

The key to a great future lies in our hands. The recent studies made by quantum physicists claiming the universe was created through consciousness prove how powerful our mind truly is and it is just hidden deep within our beings. All we have to do is to rediscover this power so we can enjoy the perfection humans were destined to have.  Slowly but surely, our conscious mind is naturally changing into something better. Behind all of the problems, pains, and concerns which trouble us everyday our conscious mind is silently awakening in the quantum reality.


Our consciousness is now stirring within us, waiting to unleash its incredible power which will open the doors for endless possibilities. We should be expecting great things to happen so we need to keep our eyes peeled in order to capitalize on these opportunities. This will be very hard to do because we still need to go to work, take care of our families, meet with our friends, and enjoy our lives so there is a big chance that we won’t even notice it is already happening to us.

The truth is, the improvement of our world can still be achieved even if it is just a reasonable fraction of the entire world’s population who takes action. It can be quite impossible to have every single being in this world to agree and focus on a solitary belief. Yet it is possible for a small fraction of the world to do it and this is all we need for a tipping point of awakening.

To achieve our higher sense of self, it is our responsibility to make sure we lead ourselves to the right path. We have acquired the wisdom to know how we can achieve the things we want. We know nothing is impossible for us. Having even just a small percentage of the world’s population focus on awakening and consciousness, we can create unstoppable truths. Everyone is already enlightened, we just forgot. Let us invite our family, friends, colleagues, and even strangers to take on the same journey. This way, we can act as one and create a better future for everybody.

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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One Response to A New Beginning

  1. Joyce Kawasaki


    I like how you said we are enlightened already, we just forgot. I think it would be the same to say we are “love” already, we just forgot or got programmed out of it.


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  1. Joyce Kawasaki says:


    I like how you said we are enlightened already, we just forgot. I think it would be the same to say we are “love” already, we just forgot or got programmed out of it.


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