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A Change in Attitude Can Go a Long Way

Untitled-3Each and every person in the world is going through their own kinds of struggles. Regardless of age, race or social standing, everyone has their fair share of problems that they so desperately try to resolve. It may not necessarily be the same for everyone. But despite these trials, there are some people who appear seemingly impenetrable. No matter the magnitude of the problem they are facing, they are still able to get through it with their heads held high and a smile on their face. Do you know their trick to success? It’s all in the attitude.

Have you ever heard that “voice” inside your head that nags you often? The one that pops up in your head whenever you feel anxious or unsure of something? Well that voice is an extension of ourselves, of our consciousness. Like us, this voice is far from being perfect. Most days it tells you what’s in your heart thereby motivating you to go and chase after the things that you are passionate about. But it also often acts as one of our biggest critic. Instead of doing something, our inner voice tells us that we can’t. That is the insecure side of our consciousness. It comes out when we are attacked by anxiety; like a fight or flight response.

The people who have made it to the top have learned to tame that inner voice within them. Instead of spouting negative things, they managed to control it and in time, develop it enough to allow it to think only of positive thoughts. When you have positive thoughts, you will generate a positive energy and attitude. Once you exude this positivity, it will start to spread out to the things and endeavors that you do and also to the people around you.


So we should all start to practice taming our own inner voices and changing our attitude towards life. While we are still alive, we would never encounter a shortage in problems and trials. Once we even begin to think that it’s nearly over, another big one begins to unfold in front of us. That’s life, it’s a series of obstacles that are designed to make us better and stronger people. But if we listen to all the negativity within ourselves and from our surroundings, we would fail to see life this way. Instead of seeing it as a challenge, we’ll begin to view it as torture and a form of punishment. That’s why most of us end up being miserable.

It is never too late to change our attitude towards life. The only difficult part of the process is

taking the first step; and that’s controlling your inner voice. Once you get that covered, everything will follow naturally. It may not come all at once, so avoid expecting instant results. Like all great things, it might take a little time. But the effect it would bring is one that would last for the rest of your life. Don’t wait until you’re next big problem to arrive before you actually start changing your attitude towards things. You can start with the little things, and continue to do so until eventually it becomes a part of you. So next time, when you are asked if the glass if half empty or half full, say with optimism, HALF FULL!

By: Jeffrey Slayter

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