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5 Ways To Deal With Toxic People

5-Ways-To-Deal-With-Toxic-People-1It would be nice to have people in your life who will inspire and push you to become better. But the reality of life is that you will come across negative people who will claw out every shred of positivity in you. It could be an in-law, a childhood friend or even a sibling, you will cross path with one.

Unfortunately, it’s not their fault their teeming with negativity. Some are just born pessimist, they can’t help it. While you cannot control a toxic person’s reaction, you can. Remember, your behaviour speaks volume of who you are as a person. So how do you deal with toxic people without coming off as rude? Consider these tips:

Don’t Cross Path With Negative People

If someone you know at work or at home is toxic and you just don’t want to deal with his drama then make a conscious effort to avoid crossing path with that person. This works two ways, you’re spared of exposing yourself from negativity, you also avoid any untoward incident that may get you and the other person in trouble.

Keep A Positive Mindset

Don’t feed off people’s negativity, repel it. Think happy thoughts; maintain a sunny disposition whenever you can. This helps balance out the negativity in the air. Who knows? Your positive attitude could even rub off on your toxic friend.

5-Ways-To-Deal-With-Toxic-People 2

Be Sympathetic

We all go through bad days and this could be a reason why a certain someone is negative all the time. Be more sympathetic, you don’t know the battle he’s fighting.  He might be going through something and it’s eating him up inside. Try to help out and be nice instead.

Confront a Negative Person

We make poor judges of our own selves. The negative person you keep dealing with might not know that he’s starting to affect how you feel. So be a good friend and let that person know about it. Say it in a way that won’t hurt the feelings of the other person. Help him realize his mistakes and change his negative attitude towards life.

Be an Inspiration

Through positivity and willingness to change, inspire others to be just like you. Help toxic people see the beauty in everyday and teach them how to live a happy life. You don’t even need to actively pursue toxic people, the mere fact that you refuse to let negativity ruin your day could affect others to behave the same way. Positivity rubs off on people, even negative one. Inspire others to live in light and to not let the little things get them down!

Negativity tends to suck the energy in any room. But if you are committed to maintain a positive disposition, if you wake up each day dedicated to have a great day, you will. No amount of negativity will dampen your spirit. Remember, nothing will affect you unless you allow it. Instead of being sucked into the void of negativity, learn how to overcome it and be a better person instead!

by: Jeffrey Slayter

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