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Why Vegan? – Amazing Presentation by Gary Yourofsky

“Why Vegan” is an hour long video containing a lecture made by animal rights activist, Gary Yourofsky on the ethical side of veganism. Yourofsky offers a very powerful argument of why it would be a better choice to stop eating meat or those that are produced by animals like milk, eggs, and cheese.

Yourofsky intelligently capitalizes on the emotions and morality of people aiming to encourage everyone to work as a team and fight against the food industry. He also compares the conventional diet to slavery and even the holocaust saying that this cruelty to animals we practice is similar to human abuse. He even offers a challenge to the audience to place a two-year old baby in a crib and place a rabbit and apple with it. If the baby plays with the apple and eats the rabbit, Yourofsky claims that he is willing to buy everyone in the audience a brand new car.

This film may not convert everyone who watches it but it will definitely make you question yourself and if you should still stick to your current diet.

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