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Tyrone Hayes: The Toxic Baby: TED TALKS: Documentary, Lecture, Talk: Herbicide Danger

This film feature a discussion given by Tyrone Hayes regarding the adverse effects of atrazine to frogs and the toxic excipients found in vaccines, boosters, and flu shots to babies. Hayes is a biologist and Professor of Integrative Biology at University of California, Berkeley. He gained recognition for his extensive research on the herbicide atrazine proving that it is an endocrine disruptor causing male frogs to be feminized. He also heads a research that review and regulation of pesticides and other chemicals that may be harmful to health. Professor Hayes has participated in various talks and seminars to share his findings about the role of environmental chemical components that cause the decline of amphibians worldwide. During this discussion, Hayes highlighted the negative effects of toxic excipients to babies. He expressed how many studies are pointing to flu shots, vaccines, and boosters as the primary cause of autism. He adds how GMO’s are illegal and that they are not safe suggesting we should avoid several products like soy, corn, sugar beets, and canola.

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