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Time-Lapse: The Earth From Orbit

The International Space Station (ISS) is a space station that serves as an artificial satellite. It traverses in low orbit around the planet once every 90 minutes to observe everything that happens on Earth. This short video contains the spectacular images taken by the astronauts aboard the ISS. To make the experience better, the time-lapse effect was used and the images were digitally enhanced.

“Time-Lapse: The Earth From Orbit” was created by David Peterson, the same genius behind a similar video named “All Alone at Night”. The video features images such as an optical phenomenon called as a glory. This is a circular rainbow that is created when light is reflected back from water droplets in the air. Viewers will also see stunning images of two Russian spacecrafts docked at the ISS with Earth as their backdrop. The video ends with a picture series of the rising moon.

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