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The War on Consciousness – Graham Hancock (The talk that gave TED indigestion)

“The War on Consciousness” is a short video of the lecture given by Graham Hancock during the TED conference in 2013. The incident became controversial after TED gave instructions to take down the video of his talk posted on the TEDX YouTube channel as Hancock offered something that could contest mainstream science.

According to Hancock, modern society does not allow man to explore his consciousness fully and this is clearly manifested by banning numerous psychedelic drugs. As a result, our bodies may be cured of whatever disease that ails but drugs could cause a variety of health problems later in life.

Graham condones the banning of his talk and claims that his ideas must be first examined before being declared pseudo-science. Together with his colleague Rupert, they have challenged TED to a neutral debate on the issues including the effects of alternative medicine like visionary plants.

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