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THE SAGAN SERIES – The Pale Blue Dot

The “Sagan Series” is a compilation of short videos, all paying homage to the late astronomer, educator, and author Carl Sagan. Considered as one of the greatest proponent of science, Sagan’s work has been documented extensively and have been featured in various mediums like television broadcasts and newspapers.

“The Pale Blue Dot” is the 10th installment of this video collection. Just like all the other chapters, it the film uses compelling cinematography techniques coupled by a great soundtrack, the perfect backdrop for Sagan’s narration.

THE SAGAN SERIES – The Pale Blue Dot centers on the photograph of planet Earth that was taken in 1990 by the Voyager 1 space probe when it was at about 6 billion kilometers away from the planet. The photo was taken for the Family Portrait series of images of the solar system showing Earth as a mere dot of a pixel in the middle of space. Carl Sagan was the one who requested NASA to turn the camera of the spacecraft in order to take a photograph of Earth.

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