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The Sacred Science

Directed by filmmaker Nicholas Polizzi, “Sacred Science” documents the incredible journey of eight people with eight different illnesses that were deemed incurable by conventional medical science. They travelled to the Amazon forest in search of alternative medicines from plants found deep in the jungle.

One of Polizzi’s friends suffered from Parkinson’s disease, an ailment that no modern medicine can cure. Fortunately, they discovered that a good number of pharmaceutical companies use ingredients from the Amazon rainforest. They studied more about the Amazons learning that only 1% of over 40,000 plant species in the area have been studied and used for medicine.

The film also featured the story of Roman, a man who was diagnosed to have Crohn’s disease since he was 12 years old. He has been receiving treatment for 10 years already, but he has not yet been cured. He joined Nicholas and his group when they went to the Amazon forest where they worked with a shaman. In just 5 months, he was cleared of all the symptoms of his Crohn’s disease. Roman decided he will stay in the Amazon forest to learn more about shamanism and has since worked with alternative medicine.

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