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The poorest president in the world: Jose Mujica

Politicians are usually thought of as corrupt leaders who manipulate people misuse public funds for their own benefit. However, Uruguay’s president Jose Mujica, who was elected in 2009, is not your typical leader. He is known as the world’s poorest president who gives away most of his salary to those who need it.

Mujica declined to stay in the luxurious house constructed for the state leaders of Uruguay. He chose to live with his wife in a simple farm, living a simple life. The source of their water is a well they have in the yard strewn with weeds. His only security consists of two police officers and a three-legged dog named Manuela. These are just a few things that show how different Mujica is from many leaders of different countries.

He was once a member of the Uruguayan guerrilla Tupamaros which was inspired by the Cuban revolution. He was jailed for 14 years living in a detention cell that was under harsh conditions until 1985 when Uruguay returned to democracy. Together with his wife, they work the land themselves growing flowers. It was Mujica’s own choice to live this kind of lifestyle and he enjoys helping the poor people as well as small entrepreneurs. This selfless act made made him understand the joys of living a simple life.

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