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The Greatest Speech Ever Made

A fantastic silent film star and an even better actor in his “talkies”, Charlie Chaplin is arguably one of the most iconic entertainers of our time. He had his start as a comedian in dozens of silent movies before shifting to “talkies” once it became popular. Charlie Chaplin’s comedic genius and his artistry resonates throughout the movie industry.

Considered as his most successful movie ever, The Great Dictator also features the greatest speech ever given on the silver screen. The film, which was released in October, 1940, lampoons Hitler and the Nazi Germany. Like most of his films, Chaplin plays the titular role, or in this case, two of the main character in the film, Adenoid Hynkel (a version of Adolph Hitler) and his Jewish look-alike, a common barber. Written, directed, produced and starred by Charlie Chaplin, the film’s climax features an inspiring speech by the barber who replaced the Adenoid Hynkel, in the city capital.

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