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The Ceremony of Original Innocence

The Ceremony of Original Innocence

“The Ceremony of Original Innocence” is an informative documentary film that re-introduces the initial choices made by man before outside factors like adults and the environment. It aims to remind the viewers that they should not let themselves become victims and instead be creators.

A gap has been formed in the basic circuits of humans because of the alterations produced by the genetic modification of the human DNA. This led to the incorrect distinction of man’s self causing him to have negative feelings such as guilt and fear.

As the bio-circuitry connecting our primal resonant relationships with our parents is interrupted, this results in our inability to be absolutely dedicated in our relationships. In order to cure this, we need to reconnect with the foundational primal circuits beginning from conception up to childhood.

In order to correct our existing perceptions, we need to learn to forgive. This is the foundation of the shamanic journey and it leads a person to fully love other people. The negative emotions are what destroy the connections of man with the basic circuits and if we learn to reconnect them, we will be able to build stronger and more authentic relationships.

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