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Terence Mckenna – Trust Yourself

“Trust Yourself” is a 15-minute video containing a lecture given by psychedelic author, philosopher, and explorer Terence McKenna. During his speech, McKenna calls for letting go of ideology and just trust one’s self. Disregard what other people say or believe and allow yourself to do anything you want. He adds that ideologies merely limit a person’s potential and can even lead a person away from what is right.

The video focuses on the importance of trust to society. This allows people to make decisions based on the things they have already experienced and options that are presently available. The lack of trust will eventually result in negligence and indolence because a person will not know what to do. Trust is similar to that of betting as a person enters a risk when placing his trust on another person. Ultimately, trust is a critical element in order for people to work together properly and cooperate.

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