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Terence McKenna – Birth of Consciousness

Philosophist and proponent of psychedelics Terence McKenna holds this scary yet truthful lecture about the current problems of mankind. Comparing the existing state of our society to the life and development of a fetus, McKenna explains that everything around us is being destroyed. Such example include how the flora and fauna of the planet has diminished significantly and how the human body is harmed by various diseases.

The lecture aims to encourage everyone to remain steadfast despite the struggles. He advises his listeners to not lose hope and keep moving forward. The good times of the past is gone and in fact, things are going to get worse. Nevertheless, everyone must keep working and hope that the world will survive.

We have all the necessary resources to help us change the course and escape despair or panic. We should not depend solely on religion and pray to the gods because we need to do our part to save ourselves. Every one must keep the faith and become a vessel for the world to create a better future for the next generations.

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