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Singing Plants at Damanhur | Des plantes qui jouent de la musique

This video shows a rare and beautiful demonstration of the singing plants in what could be considered a magical place called Damanhur, located in the foothills of the Piedmont Alps in Northern Italy. Damanhur is an eco-society based on ethical and spiritual values. This peaceful ecovillage also features a laboratory set up in the woods that studies the vibrational energies of plants.

This clip shows one of Damanhur’s researchers as she explains this phenomenon. She uses one of the equipment that they have invented and developed to capture the electromagnetic changes on the surface of plant leaves and roots. Connected in both the leaves and the roots are electrodes which captures the electrical responses of the plants. These are then transformed into actual sounds.

What is most fascinating is that the plant seem to control these electrical responses and demonstrates a kind of awareness to its environment. The plant is able to change these responses on its own which are then interpreted as the changes in the notes and the melody.

This experimentation on plant life has been done at Damanhur since 30 years ago to check if plants are intelligent being and if dialogue with them is possible. Through this experimentation that they passionately do, it proves is that plants are able to express themselves, even more so, in a complex way through music. It proves that it is possible to talk to plants albeit in a telepathic way.

The researcher also says that plants react to the music it hears and to the music it creates. In fact, they like their own music. This creativity is further encouraged by the researches. They teach the plants by letting them listen to classical music. Later on, they learn and they are able create their own.

The music they create are very soothing and can be used during meditation and this video demonstrates a sample.

Plants also interacts to the music of other plants and trees, and with the help of the said equipment, it becomes possible to to create an orchestra among them.

The singing plants and trees of Damanhur have sparked off such a worldwide fascination that people began organizing “Plant Concerts”, where musicians perform to the music created by the trees.

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