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Sacred Weeds – Salvia Divinorum (Documentary) HQ

Sacred Weeds – Salvia Divinorum is a four-part documentary that includes 50 minutes features. Each documentary features the impact of psychoactive plants in ancient societies. The feature was aired in 1998 on Channel 4, a British television network. Sacred Weeds is directed by Masah Marris.

Sacred Weeds: Salvia Divinorum is the second of the four documentary. It was presented by Andrew Sherratt and featured ruminations from medical anthropologist, Dr. Françoise Barbira-Freedman, psychiatrist and director of the Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, Dr. Tim Kendall and pharmacologist Dr. Jon Robbins.

The segment is centered on Salvia Divinorum – also known as Diviner’s Sage. It is a powerful psychoactive plant that belongs to the mint family. It’s been used for thousands of years by the indigenous Mazatec shamans for healing during spirit journeys. Although the origins of the plant remain unknown, Salvia Divinorum have a wide range of health benefits.

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