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Ralph Metzner – Seattle Jung Society

Ralph Metzner, Ph.D. is a respected psychologist who pioneered in psychological and cross-cultural studies of consciousness and its transformations. As an accomplished author, Dr. Metzner wrote the book The Unfolding Self, The Well of Remembrance, Green Psychology, The Expansion of Consciousness, Alchemical Divination and Mind Space and Time Stream.

On March 7, 2014, Dr. Ralph Metzner Ph.D. discussed “CG Jung, Albert Hofmann and the Philosophers’ Stone” to the CG Jung Society of Seattle.
Historically, the three greatest traditions of transformation are shamanism, yoga and alchemy. And in all three traditions, there is the concept of a living yet immaterial essence or spirit. We often referred to this as “soul.” The soul is inherent to all living things including inanimate matter.

According to Dr. Metzner, world view and concept of alchemical philosophers were suppressed because of influential people during the medieval times such as the church. The rise of scientific materialism also changed how alchemical philosophers are perceived. It was Jung’s work to change the alchemical wisdom tradition, re-interpreting it as a secret symbolic language of the psyche.

A 20th-century Swiss chemist Dr. Albert Hofmann came across an unexpected discovery: materials and substances that expand the consciousness and perception, allowing the reconnection with the material element of the alchemical method. This was called the wisdom stone. Some say it could bring a compelling new way of “seeing.”

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