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Nikola Tesla – Historys Most Suppressed Inventor

“Nikola Tesla – History’s Most Suppressed Inventor” is a compelling documentary film centered on the life of perhaps the most overlooked inventor in human history, Nikola Tesla. Born on July 10, 1856 in Croatia, Tesla began studying physics and mathematics. Eventually, his interest led in physics led to a passion in electrical engineering. He eventually became an electrical engineer of a telephone company in Budapest. And it was during this time that he came across one of his most important discoveries. He developed a solution to the rotating magnetic field and he demonstrated this to a trusted friend by drawing the induction motor in the sand with a stick.

In Paris, Tesla became part of the Continental Edison Company where he began designing dynamos. In 1883, he invented the first prototype of the induction motor and it worked properly. However, no one else in Europe was interested in the unusual device he built so he decided to move to the United States where he worked for Thomas Edison in New York. He spent the next 59 years of his life working in New York and was keen on finding ways to improve the existing dynamos of Edison. Their opposing opinions about the dynamo is what caused a rift between the two great men as Edison promoted the use of direct current while Tesla says that using alternating current stating that all energies were cyclic. Tesla’s new principle eventually won as his dynamos first sent electrical energy along distribution lines one way and then another in multiple waves in accordance to the polyphase principle.

This was just the first among several great inventions by Nikola Tesla. Tesla also invented a number of devices that are way ahead of his time including, wireless electric transfer, X-rays Tubes using the bremsstrahlung process, hydraulic lasers, robotics, neon lights, VTOL aircraft and more. His greatest contribution to human history is probably the availability of free and unlimited energy for the whole world. Unfortunately, this project was shot down because of JP Morgan.

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