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Living the Uncalculated Life–Alan Watts

This short video contains a lecture made by renowned philosopher and speaker Alan Watts. In this lecture, he highlights how mankind live according to the flow. He adds that humanity must learn to let his collective nature run its course.

Alan Watts discusses how there is a harmonious relationship between man and the environment. He emphasizes that living an uncalculated life is not caring about how you live in the world because that would lead to negative things like poverty or crime. Plans are a part of life but these calculations are the products of man’s rationalizations.

We must learn that our ego has no control over everything in our life. There are circumstances in nature that we cannot keep from happening such as disasters or growth. We decide on some things like marriage but we do not know the outcome. And when we force our behavior, we become pretentious as we are living false lives.

Living an uncalculated life means not forcing things. This will allow us to have a better grasp of the situations we experience no matter how good or bad. In the end, we will be able to produce changes in our lives, which are not forced.

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