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Ayahuasca is a potent, mind-altering substance meant to help people achieve a higher sense of being. It is often taken by people during shamanistic rituals to create a spiritual experience which results in a deeper perspective of life. People who want to experience Ayahuasca ceremonies outside of the Amazon jungle can visit other parts of Peru. Kush, the owner of “The Shaman Shop” located in the center of Cusco, is one of the well-known shamans who can perform this ritual.

This 8 minute long video features one of the mantras he uses when performing Ayahuasca rituals. The mantra consists of rhythmic beats of the drums and chants that are meant to relax the body and soul. Aside from the herbal mixture of Ayahuasca, Kush uses palo salto wood as incense, candles, feathers, and musical instruments including maracas. He also has an acasya which is a leather dagger filled with beads and a chakcha which is a string of wooden shells.

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