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Highest Rope Swing In The World Ends In A Stunning Free-fall

“Highest Rope Swing in the World Ends in a Stunning Free-fall” is a heart stopping video of the rope swing performed in history. For adrenaline junkie, Alexander Polli, swinging from a height of a thousand feet won’t do. He takes everything up a notch by detaching himself from the rope and free fall to the ground.

Polli took his partner, Julien Millot, along for the ride. Polli swung from a 3000-foot high rock face. This insane rope swing adventure shows how Polli and Millo send themselves hurtling over a large ravine surrounded by high rocks. Watch as these daredevils swing around the space between the rock walls and then cutting the rope to freefall in a mind-bending finale.

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