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GMO Documentary: Genetic Roulette

GMO Documentary: Genetic Roulette-EntheoGenesis is a 2012 documentary directed by Jeffrey Smith. The film presents compelling evidence that may explain the deteriorating health of Americans particularly children.

The film is centered on the issue of using genetically modified crops, its effects on human health and to the environment. GMO Documentary: Genetic Roulette-EntheoGenesis highlights how the US government continued to ignore the risks of using GMOs, putting the food supply at risk due to largely untested technology. Two decades after implementing GMOs, scientists discovered a grim trend, lab animals, livestock and pets consuming GMs are suffering from serious health problems. And after abstaining from GMOs, their health improved.

The film highlights the importance of protecting the population from an unknown danger. It features never before seen footages that show how GMOS contribute to the rising disease rates in the US population. The film aims to help viewers understand how GMOs end up on the food they eat and how to protect the public from it.

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