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Giant Ant Colony Excavated: You Won’t Believe What They Build Underground!

Experts say that leaf-chewing ants are believed to be the second most complex societies following man. And just like the humankind, ants have the ability to build highly complex structures as dwelling places. In Brazil, an underground ant megalopolis was excavated. It was once home to millions of ants. Incredibly, the structure features subterranean paths, gardens, circular chambers and highways that are interconnected to each other.

Researchers who discovered the abandoned ant colony decided to fill it with 10 tonnes of concrete in order to expose the tunnels once the cement solidifies. The entire process lasted for ten days until every part of the 500sq ft area with a depth of 26ft was filled. They let the cement set for a month before the scientists began digging to reveal the incredible city created by these amazing creatures.

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