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Fractals – The Hidden Dimension That Designs Our Universe

Fractals are mysterious objects that show self-similarity on all scales. Fractals may not display the same structure at every scales but each scale will reflect the same type of structure. Recent studies about these mathematical sets provide a deeper understanding of all the aspects of nature.

“Fractals – The Hidden Dimension That Designs Our Universe”, is a documentary film produced by NOVA. The film aims to prove that fractals are found everywhere. These irregular and repeating shapes are displayed in every component of the universe from the natural environment of earth, to the human anatomy, and even until the fascinating wonders of the cosmos.

This also highlights how mathematician Benoit Madelbrot discovered fractals and how this mathematical set is used by nature. Watch interviews of experts including physician, researchers, filmmakers, and even fashion designers who turn to fractals in order to succeed in their respective fields.

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