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Einstein’s Big Idea

Einstein’s Big Idea is a 2005 documentary centered on the story behind what is perhaps Albert Einstein’s most revolutionary theory, E = mc2. The film retells the story of how Einstein came across history’s special theory of relativity and how he came across a startling conclusion that mass and energy are one, which is directly related to E = mc2.

Produced under NOVA productions, the film is narrated by actor, John Lithgow and directed by Gary Johnstone. In 1905, Einstein completed his special theory of relativity. He has identified proof that atoms exists and has completed his explanation of the nature of light, a study that would earn the German theoretical physicist his Nobel Prize in Physics. Despite the breakthrough of E = mc2, not a lot of people knows what it means, or what it took Einstein to develop the theory of relativity. Einstein’s Big Idea featured the unraveling story of one modern science’s forefathers.

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