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DNA Pirates of the Sacred Spiral – Len Horowitz PL

“DNA Pirates Of The Sacred Spiral” is a full-length documentary film based on the book with the same title of author and public health expert Dr. Leonard Horowitz. He provides a radical and innovative perspective on the rising genetic research considered to be a new and covert branch of science. He connects his metaphysical findings with sacred spiritual knowledge touching on various aspects of quantum physics, spiritual dynamics, and human consciousness.

Horowitz aims to educate viewers about the current state of our environment and the future of our planet. He offers compelling evidence of how “The Sacred Spiral” is used as a bioacoustic instrument. It becomes an electromagnetic energy receiver, signal transformer, and quantum sound and light transmitter. Horowitz also discusses how DNA can lead to the evolution of life

Unfortunately, our society is misusing the DNA. Major genetic industrialists hide the real power of DNA and control genetic patents for their own benefits. This allows them to control the future of our civilization leading to full manipulation. What they do not know is this also increases the risk of human extinction. Watch the film to learn what we can do to create a better destiny for man.

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