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Canada’s Former Defense Minister Says Aliens Are Living Among Us

During the height of the cold war, Paul Hellyer held the unenviable post of being the defense minister of Canada. Not only did he have to protect his country from invading armies, he boldly claimed he is protecting the country from aliens.

In an interview with Russia today, Paul Hellyer shares that at least species of aliens have been living among humans for thousands of years. In 1961, he said that about 50 UFOs were flying in formation south from Russia across Europe. For three years, the Supreme Alien Command performed an extensive investigation and declared that extraterrestrial beings have been living among humans long ago.

Hellyer also claimed that there are about 80 different species of aliens and they var in appearances and forms. Allegedly, they come from different star systems like the Zeta Reticuli and the Pleadis.

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