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Amber Lyon Trips All Over the World to Discover the Power of Hallucinogens

For modern America, the only way psychological illnesses are addressed is to take prescription medication. What with the barrage of advertisements, an abundant use of prescription drugs are being promoted and abused which can result to overdose deaths.

Amber Heard, an award-winning investigative journalist former CNN correspondent, has suffered from PTSD. Being exposed to the various adverse effects that antidepressants cause, she opted for alternative means and has traveled the world for research and treatment. Here she discussed her findings with Breaking the Set’s Abby Martin on the alternative ways to treat psychological illnesses as well as the launch of her new project

Scientific studies have been done since the 1950’s proving that substances like Psilocybin Mushroom, Ayahuasca, MDMA, Iboga, LSD, and DMT are miraculous in treating anxiety and depression. These psychedelics actually get to the core root of your problems, which often are stored up unprocessed trauma. They
have garnered a bad reputation but can actually provide transformative and healing experiences.

For example: Psilocybin Mushrooms are deemed illegal and addictive in the United States but are considered to be medicines that can cure anxiety. Studies have shown that the mushrooms lead to neurogenesis or the regrowth the brain cells.

However use of these substances are best done in an appropriate setting such as a quiet environment with someone who can sit with you or in a ceremonial setting.

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