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1,200 Year Old Lost Medieval City Unearthed In Cambodia

Perhaps one of the most incredible discoveries in history is the unearthing of a hidden medieval city in the Cambodian mountains. Using an innovative airborne laser instrument called Lidar (light detection and ranging data), archeologists were able to detect the 1200 year old city called the Mahendra Parvata. Some of the lost city’s temples remained pristine throughout the centuries.

Director of Archaeology and Development Foundation in London Jean-Baptiste Chevance led the expedition. According to the ancient scriptures from the ancient city, a great warrior named Jayavarman II owned the mountain capital. The city can be reached by going through landmine-filled jungle in the same region where the largest Hindu temple complex in the world, Angkor Wat, is also located.

Archeologists believe that the citizens of Mahendra Parvata founded the Angkor Empire in 802 AD. The city is filled with over twenty newly discovered temples and as well as early canals, dikes and roads. Experts belief that there were more hidden cities in the area and it’s only a matter of time before they discover newer cities using Lidar.

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