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What is this training?

Evolve Your Life is quite simply the training that you come to when you feel like you’ve been to every spiritual/personal development/woo-woo workshop there is. It is the starting point for those individuals who are ready for the next stage of personal evolution – the leaders, changemakers and thought leaders of tomorrow.

The world is changing and the old styles of learning and growth no longer fit with what humanity needs next. As Jeff like to say: Evolution is inevitable but how you choose to evolve is up to you.

This training is therefore about setting up the foundations for how you will choose to evolve. That is: Will you spend more time forcing yourself onto a synthetic timeline bound by the social programming that has been intended for you? Or will you choose the pathway that might be challenging at first, but allows you to grow organically along the timeline you originally intended for yourself?

All this may sound a little abstract or ‘woo-woo’ and that’s because it is. This training is designed to fit with the flow of how life actually works – and life is never as concrete, certain or structured as we would sometimes like it to be.

Life is about experience – and that’s exactly what you will get at Evolve your Life.

Come to this program if you:

  • Are naturally curious about life, our planet and the universe
  • Aren’t opposed to hearing or experiencing things that might contradict your current beliefs
  • Are more open-minded than most
  • Would like to connect more deeply and more often to Mother Earth and find new ways of living that can help you do that easily
  • Are ready for a transformation of mind, body and heart
  • Are willing (and even excited) to explore new possibilities for human evolution
  • Are currently stuck in some area of your life and ready to become unstuck
  • Believe that we are far more than our physical and mental capabilities
  • Enjoy flute playing
  • Would like to spend 4-days with some fun, funny and sometimes wacky people!

If you are drawn to this program it’s because you are curious and excited to discover the latest ideas, theories and paradigms that are being talked about globally right now in the areas of health, bandha, spiritualitas, sesambetan, our ancestors, our future, the possibilities for humanity…

What Can You Expect at This Training:

Evolve Your Life contains some of the most evolutionary change work for the world we live in today – delivered in a way that is fun, Insightful, rewarding and very often surprising for the right participants.

No one Evolve Your Life program is the same – because every single one draws upon the needs of the audience involved, the timeline in which it is set and the current events occurring globally that can impact what is needed the most. It evolved out of a need to spend less time in ‘knowing’ and more time in actually ‘experiencing’ the truth of our lives.

This 4-day experience is for anyone who doesn’t mind getting a little bit (or a lot) ‘woo-woo’ and pushing the boundaries of what they believe to be true and possible in life. It is quite possibly the least structured, most spontaneous example of a training you will ever come across – and therefore the most in-flow with what life is really about.

Sing kanggo:

  • Business pamilik
  • Wirausaha
  • Coaches and Consultants
  • Jantung-pusaté wong
  • Mbukak-minded individu
  • Anyone who knows there must be more to life than their current reality

Who is it not for:

  • Tutup-minded individu
  • Anyone who needs to know exactly what will happen over the course of the training
  • Cepet-fix wong golek
  • Selfish people
  • Deceitful people looking to manipulate and fuel their own ego

Apa You Bakal Learn

  • The awareness and tools to help you choose the direction you want you life to take
  • How to hold the Paradox so that you can be an influencer of how things around you play out
  • How to connect more easily to your Heart
  • How to start re-integrating the aspects of yourself that you may have kept hidden or repressed
  • How to start living and embodying your mission and purpose for your life NOW
  • Some of the hidden truths about what is REALLY going on the world – and inside of you
  • How to more easily tap into and trust your innate intuitive abilities
  • How to transform your ability to manifest what you want in your life
  • How to have more fun in life and laugh out loud as often as you can (and mostly at Dave at the back of the room)
  • How to challenge the Nature of our Current Reality
  • That it really is possible to play the flute with one nostril
  • How to better connect with Mother Earth and how you can work with the natural flow of her and the universe in your daily life
  • And quite probably, a whole lot more!

*I don’t pretend to offer guarantees with this 4-day workshop, but if you’re open to it, these are just some of the things you might be able to take away with you.

Lokasi lan tanggal: TBA

Iki acara bakal dianakaké ing ndhuwur-kedudukan konferensi kamar ngendi sampeyan bisa kacemplungaken dhewe ing pengalaman lan jaringan karo piranti kaya-minded individu sing looking kanggo aplikasi paling anyar manungsa pangowahan karya sing kanggo kabèh aspèk sing urip.

Kanggo ndhaftar utawa takon - hubungi Jeffrey Slayter tim

Telpon: +61 (02) 8003 5747 Email: [email protected]

Klien Komentar

Tegan Petterwood

Jeffrey’s Heart of Living was life changing. I am so motivated to be the best version of myself and have clarity in what I am after. Thank you for the reminder to follow my heart.”

Terence Darragh

An amazing transformative journey. What really sets this apart is Jeff’s passionate commitment that our inner work is then taken out into the world and so contribute to global change.”

Jemima Lambell

The Heart of Living came at a perfect time for me, a time when I needed to stop the world, take time to truly focus on myself and seek clarity for my life. Spending time learning and growing in such a fun, supportive environment has inspired me to recognise the next steps needed to live the life of my dreams by following my heart.”

Baz Youssef

Intensely powerful, nyata, confrontational & transformational especially if you permit yourself to surrender to the experience.”

Reika Sroyphet

Matur nuwun Jeffrey & all the team. So grateful, I will honour this experience by living from my heart & trusting in my own experience. I’ve received so much from the experience thank you for empowering me to trust in my own experience & stay true to my heart.”


This course will truly transform you in such an amazing way. Jeff is able to deliver the experience in a safe and loving space, this allows you to fully blossom and let go! Thank you Jeff!!”

Jan Brooker

Jeffrey is a wisdom keeper, a truly inspiring facilitator with an enormous wealth of wisdom to share & what I most love is that he comes from a beautifully generous & compassionate Heart Space.”

Lower Ed

Jeff’s courses are so ahead of everything else can offer in this market and have really helped me think outside the box, outside what I’ve been told and what I’ve told myself.”

Catterina Penawaran

Jeff is willing to go the extra mile to deliver his truth and bring humanity back together.”

Sharon Wilson

I would totally recommend resitting The Heart of Living, this result for me was an amazingly transformative event that was initiated in the first one. I have realigned galaxies this time whoo hoo!!!”

Sheryl Harvey

Jeff you are truly an inspiration to everyone who has the good fortune to be in and around your beautiful energy – never change – you would make any parent proud to call you son.”

Adam Kangas

Èlmu lan Jeff kabuka dhewe kanggo pengalaman sing beda ing donya lan sing kita emg disambungake menyang wong ing cara kita saestu ora bisa nerangake.”

Leigh endhog

Thanks kanggo Jeff lan tim gampang gesang ganti pengalaman - Science pandjenengan. Business wutah Techniques kang rock ing lingkungan fun. "

Deanna Kangas

Jeff iku sawijining pelatih sange, mentor lan kanca kabeh kang acara. Yen sampeyan looking for latihan 'nyata', sampeyan kudu digarap Jeff. "

Ainslie Bryce-Northey

Aku kasurung sapa lan everyone apa siji utawa kabeh Jeff kang seminar / Lokakarya. Dhewek Panjenengan ngganti kowe mental lan emosional. Aku katon nerusake menyang mengkono luwih karya karo Jeffrey ing mangsa cedhak. "

Amazon Coach Fiona Maloney

Yen serius babagan ganti wujud gesang, nyelehake sing dilakoni kabeh lan ngupaya metu Jeff. Iku tumindak sampeyan ora bakal getun. Kabeh iku bisa. "

Yohanes Callanan

Jeffrey punika speaker masterful, guru lan pelatih amarga dheweke wis lan disambungake menyang gedhe unknowing misteri kadhangkala diarani minangka conciousness, kabeh sing Semesta saka kolom kuantum. "

Angelo Falco

Yen iki pengalaman Panjenengan ora tutul ing sembarang cara malah mung sethitik mati Panjenengan. Iki wis rubah 10-melu. Matur nuwun. "

Paul Cummins

Prasaja apik tenan!!! Acara banget beda saka wayahe kowe teka. Sampeyan bakal tantangan lan wong sing beda ing pungkasan. "


Pendhaftaran tujuan kang kene saka ana kanggo krungu indisputable pikiran ndamu kuwi. Panjenengan dikirim!

Miskin pikiran Pendhaftaran isih knitting, Aku iku. Matur nuwun XX "

Gail Rogerson

Saben wayahe ana sambungan karo wong utawa wulangan kanggo poto. Padha nuduhake munggah nalika samesthine; nalika ora. Ing kasepen lan swara. Peparinge iki mesthi ana kanggo gain kawruh kang lan raka. "

Pendhiri saka Following Passion Panjenengan Philipp Henseler

Tansah meksa nindakake perkara sing urip ganti gelombang liwat teluk kanggo ngowahi eseman liyane kanggo ngadhepi manungsa pasuryan. "

Kim Edwards

Thanks Jeff, sing wis mbantu kula kanggo njlentrehake Pendhaftaran inspirasi misi lan limang kula pembalap kanggo ngeteraké Pendhaftaran bisnis kanggo nggawe dhuwit kanggo mburu Pendhaftaran misi. "

Megan Wright

Iku pengalaman ayu supaya pindhah saka mikir sing ngerti kabeh nalika bebarengan teka mangertos sing duwe kabeh jawaban sing perlu, nunggu sampeyan ngelingi karo atimu. Ilmu Panjenengan punika Warta bali menyang eling sing. "

Khadine Aharon

Jeffrey Slayter kang Science Sampeyan iku kudu kanggo wong kepingin kanggo sambungake karo poto sing inti lan ngisin sempurno lagi. "

Michaela Kupkacova

Hadiah Jeffrey kanggo kula lan djalmo manungso iku kaya ora ana liyane aku wis tau ditampa utawa ngalami. Aku pengin aku ketemu wong cepet. Aku katon nerusake menyang mangsa karo poto rubah kawula. "

Vicki Abraham

Ilmu Panjenengan punika ndadak urip shattering - sing, urip sing sumurup iku pecah kanggo mbentuk kaleidoscope luwih ayu saka werna lan patron anyar sing ora bisa mbayangno nganti katon. "

Ruth Fenby

Matur nuwun kanggo acara kaya ora ana liyane, opening ati banget, ayu nemu iki karo supaya akeh jiwo ayu liyane. "

Martha Arifin

Transformational "boten kaya iki metu ana" pengalaman umur. Sambungan jero ngédap karo wong, Aku wis katutup sing luwih lengkap babagan donya lan aku ing acara iki. Matur nuwun Jeffrey lan tim. "

Colin Wanless

Jeffrey terus amaze kula ing ambane saka pangerten djalmo manungso lan individu kang diukum ing donya nyata. Aja ora ngidini iki kesempatan kanggo pass sampeyan dening, sampeyan bisa ngganti gesang panjenengan lan panjenengan njaluk nyumerepi metu karo sange, sadar lan diukum wong. "

Richard Peard

Jeffrey iku tuntunan modern, lan shaman kutha sing mlaku antarane donya bisnis lan kasukman kasil. Punika kapriye digarap wong; sampun mbantu kula kanggo ngganti gesang kawula kanggo luwih apik. "

Andy Hooper

Jeffrey jagal kang Science Sampeyan iku soko khusus! Aku welcome sampeyan numpak gelombang ing kesadaran saka kangge kita sesambetan. "

Adam Oldmeadow

Srengenge wis mencorong. Bumi iku siap. Djalmo manungso perlu sampeyan. Apa sampeyan milih?"

Syd Harvey

I think Jeffrey is a very sincere and passionate man. He respects the people around him and holds the group with interest in what he says & does. I wish him all the best with respect.”

Andrew Hooper

A game changing experiential event where you will unfold to who you truly are. Go humans! Go plants!"

Sue McLachlan

Heart of Living is a unique experience that really assists in the waking up process helping to understand your true nature & what’s really happening here on our beautiful planet.”

Trish Barram-Flynn

Jeffrey Slayter and his team created the space to suspend judgements about what I believed was possible for myself, for others and humanity. Space to play, explore and express myself and connect to my heart and the hearts of others and get real.”

Matt Kent

Jeff and the team have opened my eyes to seeing life in a greater capacity. Looking forward to the next step. Matur nuwun!"

Teddy Von Sivers

Connecting all the dots that you’ve ever spoken or wondered about. Assisting, reconnecting you to yourself, which gives you joy & tentrem. Would absolutely recommend. Live the life you desire.”

Dion Taylor

The Heart of Living opens your mind, awak & spirit to all things possible. This session should be on your bucket list if you have a gift to share with the world and are just needing to take that next step.”

Helen Moshi

Jeffrey has assisted me in continuing my journey started in Heart of Sales, to find myself again to own myself, my beliefs and to love myself unconditionally without judgement, criticism and guilt. Thank you for bringing me on this journey.”


Grounding, Opening, Enlightening, Mind Expanding, Joyful. Highly dianjurake. "


Such an amazing authentic experience shared by Jeffrey.”

Mayorga maurcio

Impact paling gedhe sing aku njupuk ngarep punika kemampuan kanggo duwe misi langit ing urip lan ngerti carane gabungno karo bisnis bakal ngidini kanggo nggawe urip sing desain. "

Mario Pirotta

Yen sampeyan macet ing papan kang logika lan golek sing wis nampa kabeh limo Techniques karo ora asil bukti. Banjur njaluk dhisik Kanggo Jeff Program (Èlmu Panjenengan) lan nyambungake karo beda panjenengan!!"

Lynley Traeger

Acara iki maneh awakened Pendhaftaran dhewe yakin reasssuring sing ana aspèk kula sing gedhe lan ana kamar kanggo dandan nanging aku duwe sesanti kuwat. peserta liyane padha banget anget lan prewangan lan ana persil fun. "

Rob Whyte

Yen bisnis ing kepingin kanggo njupuk bisnis kanggo tingkat sing tuwa, Jeff kang language nyedhiyani sambungan menyang tujuan tuwa apa kita apa lan ngapa kita nindakaken. Yen pitakonan apa lan apa sing lagi dilakoni apa sing nggawe, sampeyan kudu rawuh sing latihan Jeff Slayter. "

Ming Chan

A saestu ganti wujud lan experiential mesthi. Kanggo 4 dina acara sing bakal temtunipun njaluk Nilai saka iki mesthi. "

Kia Dowell

Science pandjenengan lan apik tenan lan kapriye kesempatan kanggo nemen njelajah lan nemokake mung carane penting hubungan karo dhewe yen sampeyan dienggo ing ganti utawa positif contributing kanggo donya lan liyane liwat misi lan karya.. Matur nuwun. "

Mandi Chimutengwende

Matur nuwun kanggo Jeff lan tim reminding kula tau dadi wedi dhewe potensial dadi katresnan kanggo aku lan liyane. Aku tansah dadi, Aku mung kelalen breather lan manggon. Ing nggawa. x "

Frederick Krasey

Aku wis nenggo dangu golek soko kempal lan sing paling sesanti lan tujuan punika ngluwihi EGO lan ndhukung saka timer nanging kanggo betterment kabeh. Aku wis ketemu lingkungan Panjenengan kuwi panggonan. Matur nuwun Jeffrey Slayter. "

Leanne Turner

Iki saestu gesang ganti sarasehan kanggo katon ing sing tenan aku lan mengkono kanggo nggawa menyang ngarep apa aku dadi hasrat bab lan apa Pendhaftaran misi ing urip apa. Sing Jeff sampeyan iku Inspirational menyang kabeh. "

Raj Vastrad

Gaya lan kontes Jeff wis maringi inspirasi enthusing kanggo transcend saka gagasan kanggo tumindak lan transformasi. "

Norma Needham

Jefferey banget hasrat wong, iku oozes metu kang awak, wong banget sinau. Panjenenganipun punika bener biru pimpinan karo akeh skills paling kabeh, kita duwe kesenengan. "

Ming Chan

Kaweruh Jeffrey menyang apa dibutuhake kanggo transformasi punika liyane ana. Panjenenganipun ndadekke ngrawat lan sikap andhap menyang subyek sing bisa medeni lan confronting. Awesome karya Jeffrey. Aku katon nerusake kanggo apa karo sampeyan ing mangsa.

Aku wis dirawuhi lelampahan transformative iki sadurunge lan iku luwih apik saben wektu. Nemokake tembung hard amarga aku kesah supaya adoh ing 4 dina. Mbok aku bisa ngomong aku ngembang lan transcended paling millennium pengalaman sak wektu aku ana kene. Iku sukses kanggo nuduhake iki karo pepadha anggota suku kawula. "

Thomas Alkmim

Jeffrey Master seni komunikasi lan sesambetan manungsa. Panjenenganipun dipandu kula kabeh cara kanggo pilihanipun sandi bener. "

Marko Petrovic

Yen sampeyan pengin nemu urip rawuh program iki. Yen sampeyan pengin ngerti saiki, ojok. Iki program akeh needed sing bukaan ing watesan saka urip lan apa bisa. Iku mung salah siji saka sawijining jinis!"

Lan Norton

Aku teka karo ora pangarepan ngerti sing aku njaluk persis apa aku needed. Aku pracaya aku tak persis apa aku needed lan apa ana sing paling apik kanggo kula ing titik iki ing wektu. Sing mesthi wae ana dinamis lan Insightful ing cara aku wis ora mbadek. "

Best Paradise Karam

Ing efek ripple apa wis kedaden kene apa bakal digawe wis diganti donya ing ukuran ngluwihi wates. "

Melissa Dang

Jeffrey Slayter iku Science Sampeyan mesthi nyurung wates. Iku ngijini sampeyan kanggo saestu nyambungake karo poto utama ing cara penting. Aku kasurung everybody kanggo nindakake. Pepindahan ing kula wis kapriye. "

Saengchan Corporate Purchasing Taylor

Aku sesambat. Aku ngguyu. Aku experientially ditemokake apa katresnan lan dateng ing timer tenan lan ngrasa kaya ana berkah ora luwih saka tiba liyane ing katresnan karo kula lan urip. Matur nuwun. "

James Kemp

Aku tuku dhewe tiket kanggo Ilmu Jeffrey kang Sampeyan liwat 6 sasi kepungkur lan dianakaké minangka nambani, ngerti iku bakal dadi Epic, kaya Nggawe jalur kekancan bahan bakar rokèt. Aku iki ora wagol - iku adoh, adoh jantung luwih ngembangaken lan fueling lan nyenengake lan wiyar banget. "

Andre Kadamani

Ing Ilmu Panjenengan aku nampa sing paling wigati lan kuat alat aku tau bisa kanggo obah gesang kawula maju. Matur nuwun Jeffrey kanggo patang dina saestu transformative!"

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