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Deep Spirituality And Making Money

Jeffrey Slayter - October 30, 2019 - 0 comments

What an interesting paradox I’ve discovered about these two subjects in relation to unconventional successful business owners.

Spirituality and Money. Both topics have so much charge on them. It often makes me wonder about what our relationship is to either one of them and what the outcomes can be.

But how do I teach one of these?

Spirituality and money are often at opposing ends. And from what I’ve seen with some of the most unconventional business leaders who are really making an impact in the world, they have reached a point where money has become an amplifier for them. An amplifier for their businesses, their give-back projects, and what they are here to do in the world. They tend to view money as simply an amplifier that brings their message to reach more people.

Lets’ take a look at CHARITY: WATER as an example. This inspiring non-profit organization works to solve the global water crisis by bringing clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries. And its founder Scott Harrison is a disruptor of the good kind. In his quest to solve the global water problem, he and his organization have innovated an unconventional approach that changes the way people and organizations give back. They partner with brands whose values and objectives are aligned with theirs and together, they create awareness campaigns and systems to drive donations to the cause. It is an arrangement that is a win for both sides. It is a mutual relationship that allows Charity: Water to raise their needed money while allowing the partner companies to enhance their brand and use their businesses to help a cause that they care about.

And because Charity: Water uses 100 % of all the public donations they raise to create water projects that sustain the mission, it enjoys loyal and consistent donors knowing that each penny they donate genuinely serves its purpose.

This is a remarkable and impressive way of doing business. And what an incredible opportunity we are setting where money becomes an amplifier and not something to fear.

Imagine groups of unconventional successful owners amplifying their impact on the world by adopting money as an amplifier to do incredible things. Imagine businesses that are no longer interested in profits, but in meaning and purpose instead.

This is inspiring to me and hopefully, it inspires many unconventional business leaders as well.

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