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Brisbane Life Coach

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Brisbane, which is Australia’s third largest city is a progressive center of economy in the country. World renowned for its cosmopolitan lifestyle, fabulous landmarks and multicultural population, Brisbane has an intricate past and a progressive future centered on eco-friendly and sustainable living. The city offers a lot of places for tourists to explore.

In fact, the city of Brisbane, affectionately called “Bris-Vegas” by locals because of its cosmopolitan lifestyle, was recognized as the world’s best downtown precinct by the International Downtown Association or IDA. Brisbane is especially renowned throughout the world for its:

  • Beneficent climate comparable to Florida or Southern California. The gorgeous weather plays central role in the city’s booming economy

  • Complex port facilities that hold more than half of Queensland’s exports. Brisbane’s local industry includes heavy and light engineering, oil refining and tire manufacturing

  • Fabulous beaches. Brisbane offers some of the world’s most popular beach resorts, thousands of tourists flock the city each year for its fantastic beaches

  • Economically progressiveness. Two of the most significant elements in Brisbane’s booming economy are attributed to its Oceanside beach strips near the metro: the Gold Coast to the south and the Sunshine Coast to the north.

  • Countless tourist attractions. Brisbane offers an exciting array of heritage-listed national forests and marine parks. The Moreton bay Marine Part offers the world’s largest sand islands and mesmerizing marine life. West of Brisbane is where national parks with picturesque lakes, valleys and waterfalls are opened for tourists.

Despite its glitzy, glamorous neighborhood, Jeffrey Slayter, Australia, Brisbane Life Coach reminds the city of his hometown.


Jeffrey Slayter – Life Coach in Brisbane, Australia

In the midst of all the hustle and bustle of urban living, Brisbane is known for its beautiful beaches. As a child growing up in Hawaii, Jeffrey Slayter is at home in the ocean. Now a top life coach with an impressive resume in trade to boot, Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s top Brisbane Life Coach, considers the city as one of the best places to explore.

Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s top Brisbane Life Coach, is a respected business and life coach whose aim is to help people build better, stronger connections with one another and live a fulfilling personal and professional life.

Life has been very challenging for a struggling executive moonlighting as a business coach but Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s Brisbane Life Coach soldiered on, touring every part of the world to help people live the dream and find happiness in business and in life.

Jeffrey Slayter, Australia’s top Brisbane Life Coach is a great believer of achieving the impossible as long as you set your mind to it. It might sound cheesy but it actually works.

And for Jeffrey whose career spans years as a business executive and a life coach, the beautiful city of Brisbane serves as the perfect backdrop to his speaking events,. He is committed in helping locals get in touch with their inner beings, develop strengths and cultivate a down-to-earth attitude in one of Australia’s glitziest cities.

If you are in Brisbane and would like to learn more about Jeffrey Slayter’s speaking events or book a consultation, you may click here for more details.

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