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Traveling Cup Interview with Jeffrey Slayter

August 12, 2015

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

My Interview for “The Traveling Cup” with host Mark Guay.

Mark W. Guay is the Chief Motivation Officer at Your Life on Purpose and The Traveling Cup podcast show.  He nurtures an intense relationship with coffee; and is on a mission to help fuel a purpose-driven life.

Mark has interviewed over 100 changemakers like Seth Godin, Scott Harrison, and Dorie Clark and shares their story of connecting the dots and finding greater impact in life.

This time, I get the chance to chat with him.

The core of this interview delved into what I consider exactly as the future of corporations and the future of conscious enterprise?

CEO’s are starting to develop empathy; honoring the people in their companies and the planet.  They persevere, push the fold, create new rules and system in either shaping their companies, or in creating new ones. Corporate hierarchies are getting flatlined and leveled.

I consider CEO’s and Billionaires as the highest leverage point for change in a corporation, and through how we can transform the planet.  They are the decision makers and when a CEO is affected in a transformational level whether personally or professionally, this effect cascades down to the rest of the people in their companies.

This is the essence and purpose of my project  “The Grand Initiative”.: Enlightening entrepreneurs to explore the world of medicinal healing plants such as Ayahuasca and San Pedro as an effective transformational tool to align their businesses and themselves towards the healing of the human family and our planet.

Here are some of the topics we also touched on during this interview:

  • Who do I consider my best Mentor  – my Dad, Craig Slayter
  • Entrepreneurs have much ideas but executing those ideas are what really matter.
  • Are entrepreneurs born or made? My answer: Entrepreneurs are made. Yet entrepreneurship is not for everybody. It involves making mistakes and recovering from those.
  • My connect-the-dots story between school, my career and my success: How school wasn’t for me, how I got started with meditation, and why it all started when i realized that I have  something to do in this world and birth something.
  • A bit of what’s involved in my daily routine that gets me revved up for the day and has supported me towards success.
  • I also got to share a recent experience during my travel to Peru participated by other CEO’s and like minded individuals and what they take took out from the experience. (No names mentioned)

Hope you enjoy this interview as much as I did!

CLICK HERE to listen to the interview.

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3 Responses to Traveling Cup Interview with Jeffrey Slayter

  1. Tommy Smith

    I appreciate you being honest about meditation. I am lucky that meditation fulfills for me exactly what I wanted it to do for me – To keep me grounded and to keep me connected to people and my surroundings. Sadly, I know several friends who, despite years of meditation, have also encountered bumps along the way…they feel there is something more. I am going to share this with them to give them additional insight.

  2. Peter Jackson

    I’ve been encountering several articles or interviews about ayahuasca that i’m starting to feel it is calling me lol!

  3. Wayne Bankowski

    I love that you always find time to talk about your Dad. He is an amazing man.

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