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The StartUp Sessions Interview: Episode 76: Finding Sanity In An Insane World with Jeffrey Slayter

June 18, 2015

CLICK HERE Click play button to listen to the interview.

It truly is a crazy insane world we live in and sometimes in order to survive and make the most of what life has to offer, you have to find your sanity in an insane world. In this interview for The StartUp Sessions, host Michael Knouse and I discussed ways in how to do just that.

Interestingly, we got off to a great start. Right off the bat, I got asked to describe myself in three words, which are: Ridiculous, Intense and Loving! Am I not all of those? To make life interesting you have to balance the ridiculous with the serious, and I’m all for it.

Getting the chance to talk about what my life and work are all about is both fun and challenging. My goal it to be able to inspire people in getting the life that they want , and sharing my mistakes along with my successes are part of the package. Certainly, a moment in my life while working for Togo’s has been the catalyst for the change that I desired, and it’s in finding those small changes that make the biggest adjustments in your life that usually does it.

“If you want to carve your own way, get clear with your expenses and concentrate in finding a way to make the same amount of money in the shortest time possible.”

Here are some valuable key points of this interview:

  • There is no need to be good at everything. You can still succeed if you focus on a single thing that you are good at.
  • As an entrepreneur, I find that I’m able to achieve connection to clients while maintaining true to my purpose through daily meditation, and this is something that I encourage all entrepreneurs to also practice. Thousands of top entrepreneurs and celebrities do this as well. It helps to quiet the noise around you so you can listen to your internal voice.
  • A good business to consider if capital is an issue is a Consulting business You share your expertise and skills without the need for much funding.
  • What are the two compelling questions to ask yourself so you can figure out what business idea to engage in.
  • What is the benefit of surrounding yourself with people playing a bigger game than you – people that challenge you while having fun with.
  • Stop being allergic to sales. It is key to starting a business.
  • Get comfortable with being uncomfortable.
  • How to deal with fear simply by breathing.
  • How being not part of the mainstream is a good thing.
  • Find a way to replace your income you make in a job you barely love with something that you do. That is the first step to achieving life living in your terms.
  • Sacred plant and medicines that have existed for thousands of years are tools to support us in exploring the real journey and find the answers within us.
  • Be skeptical with our own skepticism. Do what the mainstream is doing and do the opposite.

CLICK HERE Click play button to listen to the interview.

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9 Responses to The StartUp Sessions Interview: Episode 76: Finding Sanity In An Insane World with Jeffrey Slayter

  1. Jeffrey, It was such a blast having you on the show and hearing your incredible insights + wisdom about staying true to our purpose, playing a bigger game and embracing new ways of finding the answers within us. I love the work you’re doing and you truly lead by example. It was such a pleasure to connect. All the best to you and I look forward to your continued impact on others as you create a more conscious and connected world.

    • Thank you ! Thank you for what you do by sharing these messages to the world. It is inspiring to be able to connect with people like you who are making a positive difference on this planet!

  2. Savannah Jones

    Never get allergic to sales! Its the most important element of business.

  3. Charles Moore

    Thank you Jeffrey for your work. While I understand that these all make a tremendous impact as an entrepreneur . While listening, I was formulating a question on how do you make all this work for regular corporate employees, and then you started talking about meditation. Made sense to me from then on.

  4. Joseph Taylor

    You talked about going or blazing towards somewhere where it’s uncomfortable, giving attention to what is ridiculed, something taboo perhaps, for sure it’s not for everyone, but this is truly a sample of “going outside the box”! 🙂

  5. Thomas Davis

    Is there anywhere in your website where I can look for these amazon trips you mentioned? Thanks! – an armchair traveller from Perth

  6. Allison Williams

    Oppose the mainstream. Cheers to that!

  7. Chris Thomas

    Every company needs a smart skeptic. Someone to call things as they see them. There has to be a balance. If things are continuously smooth flowing, it can lead to company paralysis, but yeah, its healthy to be skeptic with your own skepticism too for some of the time.

  8. Nina Lowe

    Dear Jeffrey, I appreciate your dedication in awakening humanity to its senses! Having listened to this interview, is it safe to say that you are promoting use of Ayahuasca, other psychoactive plants to heal and spiritually healing substances as part of the movement to solve the world’s current ethical and environmental problems?

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