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The Miracle of Life (In a Dolphin Shirt)

June 6, 2014

This video is just a peek at one of the incredible courses we do called “Science of You”, and I thought I’d give you a glimpse of how you can transform your life and change your relationships into what is believed to be a miracle, so you can have more of these miracles in your lives!

I just gotta mention why during this seminar, I have chosen to wear a Dolphin Shirt. Not your usual business outfit, yes, but I have a very special reason for wearing it. This training day also happened to be my birthday; and the Dolphin shirt was a birthday gift from my Mom. I told her that I would totally wear it in my training. I love my Mom so much and she is such an incredible woman. (Aren’t all moms?)

So in respect to her : Why not wear a Dolphin shirt?

Now here are some of points mentioned in this video that you can use to transform your own life:

  • Our Logical Brain can process 715 bits of information per second, but in comparison to that, our Subconscious Mind can process 60,000 bits of information per second! Amazing what this difference means and imagine the potential your Subconscious Mind can do in terms of transforming your life.
  • Notice that I speak fast, but note that I have also mentioned that the listeners can also assimilate the information I give them just as fast; learning as much as they can get in such a short period of time. Its proof that they can challenge their relationship with time and if they do that, they can shift their mindset and believe that they can have the life that they want sooner than they think.
  • Miracles are normal.
  • You are a miracle. Recognize this and it will change the way you make things happen for you.
  • Do not be just a doer . Become an allower.
  • Imagination is your tool to have the world that you want.

Imagine how freeing this is once you accept this.

A final note: Truth cannot be told, it must be realized.

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Much gratitude,

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2 Responses to The Miracle of Life (In a Dolphin Shirt)

  1. Heather Robinson

    I love when you say miracles are normal. I know I can believe in this. I just have to keep my eyes and heart open and believe.

  2. Abigail

    Truth cannot be told, it must be realized – Jeffrey Slayter

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