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The Evolutionary Entrepreneur: From Ayahuasca to the 5 MeO DMT Toad, Speaking the Unspeakable

March 23, 2016

Today’s episode is a co-interview with an amazing writer, producer, documentary filmmaker who has done incredible work and has garnered a vast experience with not just Ayahuasca, but with other sacred healing practices as well – Rak Razam.

Rak is the man behind the book and the film “Aya Awakenings – Shamanic Odyssey”, and today we both get the opportunity to share with you what’s happening now in the world of sacred plant medicines and how we can better appreciate their impact on this planet.

Most of you have heard about Ayahuasca and how I often talked about it as one of the most effective ways for someone to get a direct and fast transformation at a deep level. This episode is jam packed with information on not just Ayahuasca but particularly about the Bufo Alvarius River Toad, which is another sacred healing spirit that is getting more and more deserved attention in terms of its deeper healing and transformative capabilities.

It is truly exciting since the 5-MeO-DMT and Bufotenin content of the Bufo Alvarius are considered to be most powerful psychoactive natural medicine in existence. They promote change in a much deeper level and can transport your connection to a more spiritual or higher vibrational realm. (It is not for everyone at all.)

Rak is also involved with Terra Incognita Project, a retreat held in Tulum Mexico which is all about exploring Tryptamines, brain states and optimizations.

More in this episode:

  • What potentially Ayahuasca is up to now and her role in shaping, influencing, healing, and transforming today’s world.
  • Understand how Ayahuasca can help entrepreneurs take their businesses to the next level to have a greater positive impact on the planet
  • Get to know more about the Sonoran Desert Toad or Bufo Alvarius River Toad and 12 other different plant sacraments.
  • Check our Rak’s interesting way of looking at things which he calls the “Whole Systems Theory”. It talks about how looking at the way things work into a greater whole can make you better understand how the human culture and mindset works in terms of cycle, feedback and evolution. Applying it to this topic, it’s an interesting take on the human attitude towards Ayahuasca and the emergence of a more effective healing tool in the form of the Bufo Alvarius.
  • Know more about Terra Incognita Project and what Rak calls, Neuroshamanism – the modalities of neuroscience and shamanism forged together.

You can check out more on Terra Incognita Project through this link:

I hope you find this episode informative and that it drives more interest towards these sacred medicines for they can help dissolve boundaries and bring you into a real direct experiential knowledge of what you really are and what you are embedded in.

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13 Responses to The Evolutionary Entrepreneur: From Ayahuasca to the 5 MeO DMT Toad, Speaking the Unspeakable

  1. Brian Alderman

    That was an amazing interview.Feel like I want to go now and experience the 5MeO DMT Toad.This certainly is a very exciting time on this BEAUTIFUL planet.Looking forward to the forthcoming journey to PERU to experience the plant medicine.

    • It is an exciting time for us all evolving:) Humanity is finding its wings:)

  2. Keen to try Ayahuasca to hack the subconscious! Vipassana meditation, which I tried recently (to great effect) might be the warrior (self-discipline) way, but I am more attracted to the way of the heart – personal experience. And Ayahuasca sounds like a great vehicle 🙂

    • Julia

      Well be glad you did Vipassana before. It will be of great use during your ayahuasca session and especially, you’ll realise they are all different ways to the same objective. Whatever your learn through Vipassana is what you can do everyday to remind yourself of the teachings of Ayahuasca.

  3. Lee Patrick

    Hi Jeffrey and Rak,

    I remember reading Carlos Castanadas writings and I know he spent a lot of time around medicine plants. His first books were filled eith so much wisdom and his last one was behond me. I believe it didn!t all turn out well for him in the end.

    I tried LSD in the late 70’s and the concerns I had around that is that it was the only time I lost control of myself. I remember going up and up and up and experiencing all this stuff, but,then I wanted it to stop and it didn’t. Around that time I experienced not just fear but terror – I thought my head was going to disintegrate. I was tripping with my brother and his friends – male, and they didn’t seem to experience what I did. I didn’t do it again.

    My question is “Is there a common practise among women of use of these same medicinal plants and is the amouint they can tolerate the same as for a man”?

    I have family in Mexico and will be going there sometime soon. I would like to experience this – but I would want to do that with women. Is there a protocol for women?

    Thank you for this absolutely fascinating and well experienced and recorded information. There is nothing here that is not substantiated. I have never seen a meeting of science and natural medicine such as this before, it is so encouraging. It is deeply appreciated and helps me understand the significance of what you explain in your free humanity events.

    • Thank you for your share. In my research I have often found that women are very very strong in the medicine work, sometimes even more than men. Both are strong. Yet in ancient times and who knows even today perhaps women are much of the times the keepers of the medicine. I would assert often that women are stronger than men yet from where I see it is not a completion of who is stronger, it is more a symbiotic relationship of mutual respect.

  4. Ed

    Wow! Two men in the know talking about the powers of medicinal plants. Awesome interview! Picked up a lot of stuff.

  5. Alex Powell

    Hello Jeffrey! Funny that during the interview, I too like you, wanted Rak to mention the ranking among these plants. Heard you try to make him answer twice lol! But satisfied to know that the ranking does not exist. So informative!

  6. Kaye

    Listening to this, I was also curious exactly how do you use the frog. Thank you for clearing it up that one does not have to eat it.

  7. Dillan Hopkins

    Trust Hollywood to make something sacred,so trivial. I hope people will realize that the powers that these plants hold are beyond trend and is not something to dabble about just because a celebrity has “endorsed” it. I hope they do massive research first.

    • Lily

      my thoughts exactly. Respect to these amazing sacred plants.

  8. Kasia Patzelt

    Hi Jeffrey! Thank you so much for the interview. I did the 5meO-Dmt 3 times over the last two years and I can wholeheartedley agree it is a completely life changing experience. However it took me a long time to process it and to integrate it into my body. I was very happy you mentioned that as an important part for the journey. I’ve been supporting the medicine being given to people in Ibiza and after watching many people going through the process, the necessity of a safe space to integrate became very obvious! When I did it the first time I went to work straight afterwards! With the wisdom of time: WtF was I thinking? What I would like to share is that I went on to study a modality called Biodynamic Breath and Trauma Release and it was paramount to helping me to get back into my body, integrating the experience as well as processing any residue of terror that I went through during it. My experience of the Toad itself was one of a collective cleansing. But witnessing or rather FEELING the collective toxicity that we live in on a cellular level was somewhat traumatising. Hence the breathwork and bodywork was a valuable tool to support. I’m sharing this for anyone who may need support through the process. Blessings x

  9. Good to see this jeff by the way water therapy is an amazing way to integrate this experience maybe one day we can share more about it here namaste

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