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My Definition of Success

May 29, 2015

Just recently, I had the chance to chat with Nereeda McInnes, host of “The Nereeda Network”, who happened to be one of the multi-passionate entrepreneurs I mentor in one of my programs. Our friendly familiarity makes for a lighthearted but nonetheless deep and reflective chat about discovering my personal success; the challenges and lessons that came along with it; the courageous situations that I have found myself facing and successfully overcoming; and my new mission which I call “The Grand Initiative”.

In the course of this chat, we touched on my definition of success, which is essentially a culmination of : being able to live having good, clean food & water; being able to influence the people around me to find the medium that will enable them to fully express themselves according to their souls’ journey. It’s about discovering my own message to the world and having the resources to both deliver my message and support people.

…basically, I am already living it!

To get to this stage of my life, I had to follow my gut instincts and I discovered that what is more difficult than knowing where to go next in my life, is actually facing that next step and taking action on it.

…and while on the topic of what makes me courageous , Nereeda was able to fish out of me what I considered to be one of the most terrifying experience of my life — proposing to my wife! Any engaged or married dudes out there can definitely relate to that!

I am happy that in this talk, I was also able to share what excites me right now. It is a mission I call “The Grand Initiative”. I am fully funding this project where I take top corporate leaders of the world together with respected Shamans or Medicine Men/Women. Together in a 7 day series of ceremonies with healing plants, my intention is for the influential leaders to have deep and meaningful conversations with the Shamans towards the healing of our Mother Earth. To create change, you gotta work with a lot of leaders and influential individuals as this creates a ripple effect down, and this is what I intend to accomplish!

I’m hoping everyone will pick on what worked for me in my life so you can learn to apply it for yourself or at least be inspired to be more courageous in yours.
I hope you enjoy this podcast as much as I did.

Note: I welcome you to share your thoughts and ideas the comments section below. No links to other posts or videos please, they will be deleted as they come across as spammy.

If you like what you read in my blog, please pass along to your closest colleagues, clients and friends or anyone you think could use some inspiration to discover their message to the world. Thank you so much, I appreciate your participation in the discussion.

Much gratitude,

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7 Responses to My Definition of Success

  1. Eric Lambert

    Hi Jeffrey I’ve seen you in several interviews now and I gotta say still excited for more. It’s like unwrapping each layer at a time from one interview to another. Congratulations!

  2. Hannah Broggs

    Not sure if im commenting to the right post but Need help straight up: without lengthy explanation (I am bad at it) how can I convince someone to try, just even try, meditation? Thanks everyone!

    • Makayla Reed

      is it for you? lol. just kidding. My take is : don’t try. The best you can do is DEMONSTRATE the effects. If someone starts commenting on how you have improved on this or that, tell them you believe it all started when you got into meditation. Then pursue with that topic if you feel like they are listening. But don’t go around and tell people that you meditate and that they should do it ; you’ll just creep the hell out of them. If you want to speed things up a little bit, you can launch the subject ; “hey I’ve been meditating this morning, this is pretty cool”. They bite, you pursue ; they don’t, let it go. Don’t be pushy.

      • Sarah

        Thats a good one. I was about to say the same. There are so many meditation guides out there but they are worth nothing if not tried. I also find it hard to convert someone without them looking at you with hazy eyes.

  3. Ian

    Good luck on your project Jeffrey! Your heart is in the right place!

  4. Audrey Smith

    Hello! Where in your website can I read more about The Initiative?

  5. Danny Jackson

    You are such an inspiration Jeffrey!

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