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How do you mend a broken heart?

April 5, 2016

All of us as human beings have experienced a broken heart in some sort of capacity. It is a struggle that not everyone is able to conquer. Some people experience it more than others and even more unfortunate is that even give in to its pain and take their lives.

It doesn’t have to be a losing battle. Those painful moments can still serve a purpose. As our hearts get pounded over and over, it becomes a form of a strengthening process.

I can only share with you from my experience that there is always a silver lining on the other side. Yet we first have to learn to feel and acknowledge the hurt it has brought to us. Appreciate even the anger that may kick in for you can harness that anger to create something new in your life or to just move forward.

The human tendency is to avoid the emotional experience but instead of creating a solution, it prolongs the healing process that exists. Our bodies know how to heal and when we know and believe that, we allow it to begin its self-healing.

What comes from getting our hearts broken is that we get to expand it to contain more love and forgiveness, both for ourselves and for everyone around us. Once we learn to open up our hearts, even more, we will be able to create deeper crevices within it beyond what we can normally imagine ourselves capable of loving.

In this episode:

  • Slow down…relax
  • Take a soothing Magnesium bath
  • Spend time with Mother Nature
  • Get more sleep than the normal
  • Drink more water than normal
  • Be around a positive environment
  • Look at the shadow areas of your lives and reflect on how you could have made things better or more effective as a lesson going forward.

Love is full of risks, and to love is to be vulnerable. Being hurt is not the worst thing that will ever happen to us and not loving is far worse.

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Much gratitude,

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12 Responses to How do you mend a broken heart?

  1. Cina Loren

    I think expressing anger is really important and to chanel your anger in healthy ways to create positive things from it instead of just blocking it out cos no one can block things out forever eventually your emotions will explode or just cause you to shut down. So i have done a lot of work across my life of expressing anger in more healthy ways i used to be at a point where i had so much anger i used to do art and paint how i felt then stab it with knives but i stopped doing that a long time ago and now i’m more at peace with my anger and do things like boxing, swimming really far out deep into the ocean, writing / creative writing, song writing and through my art. there are ways of expressing yourself that can increase your positivity and strength and also let yourself vent and acknowledge what you’ve been through where you’re coming from and most importantly where you’re going.

  2. Cina Loren

    I also wanted to say that different things work for different peoples and you need to work out what works for you cos whilst those things have worked for me with healing they may not work for many other peoples. Having peoples you can talk to who support you, look out for you and who you know got your back are really important in loss and grieving. and so is surrounding yourself with people who will lift you who are positive otherwise it can get so easy to get stuck down forever in depression, hurt and the pain of loss and grief.

  3. Was just reflecting on the power of brokenhearted moments today. Thanks Jeff great to see your video blogs up and running once more!

  4. Thank you, beautiful man. Listening to your words is heartening and enlivening. You are a gift.

  5. Chloie

    One of the best things I learned in my life was to always focus on myself first, even when in a relationship. This came after having to start over many times after a relationship ended. With or without someone, the most important relationship we have in this life is with ourselves. Don’t forget you in the process of your heartache–you are the most important person to remember through this. Whether you made a big mistake in the relationship or not, this time right now is about ensuring your well-being is priority.

  6. A. Richards

    Great tips. For me, there is no room for guilt in your life going forward. If you made a mistake then, by all means feel the guilt for the moment. You may want to extend your apologies depending on the situation. But ongoing guilt is a killer. Get rid of it.

  7. Sandy

    I agree. We shouldn’t be hard on ourselves during the process of healing. We can feel our emotions and acknowledge them. Suppressing what you feel is robotic and is sure to come out in another way. It is terribly awkward and uncomfortable but going through the motions allows you to feel like a human being, and no one should be embarrassed for feeling this way.

  8. Madison

    Oh our fragile hearts! Thanks Jeffrey!

  9. J. Anderson

    Music and writing is my healthy escape and I can express myself through a journal without judgment from anyone. It gets my thoughts and feelings out. I end up creating some great pieces too!

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