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​How do we love ourselves?

November 17, 2016

In this world where people hurting each other is commonplace, is it even possible to see the divinity in others?

When you are one of those who are hurting, how do we still let love win?

I don’t have all the answers but I am happy to provide thoughts for clarity.

Funny that love can be fortified not only in relationships but in business as well.

Where do we start? How does perspective play its role in change?

  • In a world where separation is the norm, all we can do is be 100% responsible for finding divinity within ourselves.
  • Peace beyond understanding
  • Realize that we tend to confuse our opinions and feelings to others as judgment, when it is your instinct knocking on your door.
  • The human family goes through phases of existence, where we go from playing the victims, to realizing that we are capable of creating our own realities, and later maturing into giving your absolute 100% service to the world. It is this last phase that our individual identities die and we evolve into our abilities to co-create.
In order for me to see the divinity in others, I first must see the divinity in myself.

And in this evolution that we are finding ourselves in, my question to you is: “Where are you in the process?”

From whatever perspective you hold, divinity can be found in each phase of growth and life. And it starts by looking within ourselves.

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Much gratitude,

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4 Responses to ​How do we love ourselves?

  1. Mandy

    Wow you are so right I love how you make me think, to see the possibilities yes I need to find my wings first.,
    Thankyou many blessings to you

  2. Nice Jeffery, the diagram makes good sense.
    Perhaps I am not read yet, even though I listen and her the universe.

    Always Grateful.

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