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Life lessons you won’t learn in school

December 26, 2016

If you find the present situation of our planet and humanity frustrating, you are not alone.

Perhaps it’s time to act on that frustration and connect with the rest of the human family by
speaking the language that we are truly meant to use.

The world we are in are but the manifestations of man’s desire for control and the result of messages lost in translation. We have been programmed to communicate in a language that is created to divide us when we should be listening to the inherent language of the universe which unites us.

As you watch this video, I hope you consider the following perspective:

• That although there is an existing destruction going on in the world, perhaps this destruction is necessary for pure transformation to exist.

• The entire future is already written for we are moving from time to omnitime. We bathe in the gift of time known as Real Time which is omnipresent, which is all things co-existing at the same time.

• The language we have been programmed to use is a commerce language designed to enslave us all. And it has to evolve because this language is old.

• The language of the universe is not just in voice – its symbols and moments.

• The universe is always speaking to us. Are you listening to her as she talks to us beyond this commerce language?

Acknowledging all this, what can you now consider as your new language?

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2 Responses to Life lessons you won’t learn in school

  1. Anthea Fitzhardinge

    Many years ago on a plane flying over India, a man 3 rows in front reached back across the aisle and handed me a card that quoted Meher Baba, it said ‘things that are real are given and received in silence’.I often think about that message. Tonight I fly to Costa Rica and I plan to listen and I hope to hear her message. Thanks Jeff for your inspiration.

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