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​​​How to Move from Just SPEAKING to INSPIRED speaking?

November 11, 2016

How do we get to making what we speak of, truly matter?

This world is already filled with speakers…Yet how do we really say something inspiring and not just speak?

We need to keep our message stirring and relevant.

How do we make our message achieve the impact that we intend to create?

How do we shift from simply speaking to inspired speaking?

  • Realize that all of what you are hearing is just noise. And the challenge is to rise above it.
  • Be in the moment and sit in silence. Find the voice within it.
  • Share what needs to be shared in the moment…for the moment.

You may find it difficult to consider but there’s always a voice in silence. Recognize and comprehend that voice so that in turn, you will be able to genuinely express your own.

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3 Responses to ​​​How to Move from Just SPEAKING to INSPIRED speaking?

  1. Loved this! Perfect for THIS moment for me
    Thank you

  2. Annette Mikecz

    Very easy to connect to the message .. We must die before we die a good reminder to leave all negativity and fear behind as one creates new or
    Moves to new beginnings .

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