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I missed the announcement..

February 17, 2015


I have learned that nothing in my life has ever arrived unannounced. A new opportunity, a possible problem etc. A new path. Usually a small sign or a gentle signal comes my way before the final event.

Knowing this has led me to trust even deeper in my intuition rather than plow over it with logic.

What opportunities are starting to announce themselves in your reality that you may not have noticed?

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3 Responses to I missed the announcement..

  1. Clark Harris

    We hear so much about the virtues of logic that we’d be excused to believe that logic was somehow the superior method of knowing but most actions we perform on a daily basis mainly use intuition.Funny isnt it.

  2. Leah

    Intuition is the soundless voice within us, a gift ready and available to us, but often ignored or forgotten.

  3. Stewart

    Thats right. When life whispers, we must listen closely.

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