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How to use the Power of Intention

January 20, 2016

I have often mentioned how privileged I am to witness how more and more people are waking up to developing new and deeper insights as to who they are. Humanity is starting to desire for more empathy and connection to each other and to the planet. Entrepreneurs are realizing their worth and influence in becoming catalysts for a better change.

Yet most entrepreneurs get into business with the initial intent of creating more money in their lives. That is true and there is no shame in it.

Oftentimes we ignore another truth that we bring into our lives what we carry in our hearts and in our minds. It is the main definition of intention and it can truly move mountains and shape worlds.

In this episode, let’s talk about what intention really is and how you can harness its power to create more money in your life.

We can begin by realizing that:

  1. Your intention is a gift.
  2. Set your intention and then you let go.
  3. Most importantly, put action into it. Consistent action.

We can use intention to manifest more money by:

  1. Get clear about the amount of money you want.
  2. Feel that emotional experience of having the money as if it’s already done.
  3. Drop that visualization, that emotional experience, and what is you want from your mind down to your heart.

Money is a unit of choice. It allows for more liberties and range. Yet at the end of the day, what’s really important is the experience that you’re looking for, as you work for that currency.

And you can make things happen when you start dropping into your intention and using the power of intent as it is our biggest gift.

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7 Responses to How to use the Power of Intention

  1. Hi Jeff Happy New Year and what a wonderful message to start the year with. For me another way of expressing it is it’s about the VIBRATION. Feeling (not thinking) sets up the vibration. All energy vibrates and so we can manifest in correlation to our vibration. And yes everything requires action. We can’t wait for divine intervention. We are ALL devine, so we must intervene! Thank you so much, I love the way that you communicated this important message. And took the time to do so.

  2. Good One Jeff! Clear & your soothing voice allowed me to us this as a working experience as I listened, closed my eyes and did the work on Intention for myself. Thank you 😉

  3. Thank you, Jeffery for explaining so clearly, step-by-step, how to set an manifest my intentions. Really helpful

  4. Jacobs Mason

    Hello Jeffrey! I liked that you said “intention is one of the strongest gifts that we have as human beings”. How intention is planted and nurtured within you is how it will manifest in the material world. Thank you for all your wonderful intentions Jeffrey. More blessings.

  5. Scar

    This is so true in so many levels. Always include gratitude in intentions, I feel that it envelops whatever intentions you have with goodness and affiliation for humanity. When you are grateful, you crush your ego.

  6. Adrian Janssens

    I may be one of those people programmed for mediocrity but I sure want to do something about it and go beyond it. Thank you for the challenge and inspireation.

  7. Milla Cummings

    Wonderful talk Jeffrey, as always!

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